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ProdManager API

prod-manager is a Python package providing access to the ProdManager API.


prod-manager enables you to:

  • write Pythonic code to manage your ProdManager resources.
  • pass arbitrary parameters to the ProdManager API. Simply follow ProdManager’s docs on what parameters are available.
  • access arbitrary endpoints as soon as they are available on ProdManager, by using lower-level API methods.
  • use persistent requests sessions for authentication, proxy and certificate handling.
  • flexible handling of paginated responses, including lazy iterators.


prod-manager is compatible with Python 3.7+.

Use pip to install the latest stable version of prod-manager:

$ pip install --upgrade prod-manager

The current development version is available on, and can be installed directly from the git repository:

$ pip install git+

Bug reports

Please report bugs and feature requests at


The full documentation for CLI and API is available on GitLab Pages.

Build the docs

We use mkdocs to manage our environment and build the documentation :

$ poetry install --only docs
$ mkdocs build


For guidelines for contributing to prod-manager, refer to

Last update: February 5, 2023
Created: February 5, 2023